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April is the love interest of Adam Yates in the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine


Back in 1986, April was a music journalist touring with the hair-metal band Poison. When the tour takes her to a ski resort, she runs into Adam, who is reliving this entire experience after falling through a time portal in 2010. April takes a liking to Adam for unexplained reasons (presumably his world-weariness made him stand out). Adam is quick to dismiss her as he has a girlfriend at this point and doesn't want to distort history.

After Adam's girlfriend unexpectedly dumps him, he falls into a depression. April finds him drugged out and lying in the snow, babbling about fatalism. She encourages him to live up to this by helping her break into a couple's apartment and stealing their wine. Adam reveals he's from the future and even though the last 24 years were horrible the first time around, he's too afraid to change it in case it gets even worse. April tells Adam to embrace the chaos and admit that he can't control everything. Adam realises that he loves her and they kiss.

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April in the present

A while later, Poison's tourbus is leaving and April has to go. She and Adam have a heartfelt moment and never see each other again...

...until Adam travels back to the present and finds out that they did meet up at some point and got married!

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