Love Interest
Angeina john

Full Name

Angelina Johnson




Harry Potter


Gryffindor witch


Incredible beauty, durability, magic, Chaser on the Quidditch team


Playing Chaser


Win Quidditch World Cup (succeeded) and make out with George Weasley after the Yule Ball (succeeded)

Type of Love Interest

Sexy Love Interest

Angelina Johnson was one of the main protagonists of the Harry Potter series and she was a witch who was in Gryffindor house.

She is the Love Interest of both George Weasley, her future husband, and Lee Jordan, who are both in the Quidditch league.

She is played by Danielle Tabor and Tiana Benjamin in the films.


She was in George's year, meaning she was in her third year at Hogwarts when Harry started. She was pretty much of a role model to new Gryffindors and both Lee Jordan and George fancied her.

She appeared first in Chamber of Secrets, yawning during Oliver Wood's prep talk early in the morning.

Angelina also joined in her fourth year, making every training necessary to win the Quidditch Cup, which did happen, her training paid off.

In her fifth year, the Triwizard Tournament and the Yule Ball was held, and to her surprise and delight, George nonchalantly asked her out to the Ball, making it a peace of cake. She may have made out with George in the Ball or kissed him.

In the sixth year, which was instrumental for Angelina, she joined Dumbledore's Army which was headed by Harry, Ron and Hermione. Hermione bound them to secrecy and Angelina upheld it. She was very good at the lessons, learning fast, and eventually the organization was betrayed and discovered by Marietta Edgecombe and Dolores Umbridge. Dumbledore expelled himself to save the society.

Upon graduation, Angelina contacted the Army and eventually fought in the Battle of Hogwarts at the end of the Second Wizarding War and survived when her side won.

She married George afterwards.

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