Angela Fairweither is the love interest of Joel Rawlings in Power Rangers Ligthspeed Rescue.

When Joel first meet her they bumped into each other on the Aquabase, Joel fell for her at the first sight same if he knows he was a ladies man. But his feeling for Miss Fairweither was much stronger same if she do not notice him because of her work. But Joel would always manage to get her head out of her computer and make her laugh everytime. Everytime he tries to tell her his feeling he can't because he would go on a mission or he would make a fool of himself. Later she develops feelings for him when the aquabase was attacked and the water entered the base through leaks, nearly drowning them. She said to Joel it was not over and she proposed to him they can go on a date if he still wanted to. Joel thought she was Joking but she told him she was not joking. After they are all safe and sound at the end of the series she came to pick up Joel for their date when a fire truck pass in their way. Joel sees it and the gang run off to help stop the fire Joel had to go help them but he said to Miss. Fairweither he will be back and she agreed to wait his return as Joel catches up with Carter, Chad, Kelsey, Dana and Ryan. At the season of Power Rangers Time Force, they are married . they were about to go on their honeymoon when Carter calls Joel for help the two teams. she makes the decision to send Joel to go and help the two teams because she agreed to have her happiness be placed aside to help the rangers defeat Vypra once again.

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