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No. 18




Android, later Housewife


Fighting, flight and unlimited stamina


Shopping, spending time with Kuririn and Marron



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Combat Able Love Interest

Android 18 is the love interest and later the wife of Kuririn from the Dragon Ball franchise.



18 kisses Kuririn

18 is a cyborg created by Dr. Gero. She started out as a villain along with her brother, Android 17. 18 is materialistic, indifferent and sometimes surly, but she does have a seldom-seen tender side.
Android 18

Android 18 in the Android saga

is incredibly powerful, able to beat up Vegeta while he was a super saiyan. After 17 and 18 beat up the rest of the Z fighters, she kisses Kuririn on the cheek and leaves.

After Bulma managed to build a deactivator to use against 18, she gave it to Kuririn to switch her off. Kuririn by this point had developed an attraction to 18 and couldn't bring himself to do it and Kuririn destroys the deactivator to let her go. Android 18 was then absorbed by Cell, but was later regurgitated after Son Gohan beat him.


18 and Marron in the Buu Saga

Android 18 was was brought to Kami's Palace and healed by Dende. Kuririn's friends wonder why he'd want to help someone who was their enemy just days before. Gohan immediately figures out that Kuririn has a crush on 18 and blurts it out for everyone to hear. 18 shoots Kuririn down and prepares to fly off, but stops when she sees the dragon being summoned and overhears Kuririn's wish for her to live a normal life. 7 years later, 18 and Krillin got married and moved to Master Roshi's house.

Android 18 at the end of Dragon Ball Z

They have a daughter named Marron.

Android 18 and Marron in Dragon Ball GT

In Dragon Ball GT, she and Son Goku fought Super 17 in order to avenge Kuririn's death.


  • 18's true name is never mentioned and she could never be bothered telling anyone. In a recent interview, creator Akira Toriyama revealed that her human name was Lazuli.


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