Andhina Maurizka is a character in the video game series Striveshoot. Andien is a Defender player of Fujita Higashi, partnered with Icha and Jasmine, and embodies the trait of nickname is Lightning Knight. She is Klira's archenemy. She is love interest of Azka Chanda Milanesta.


Azka Chanda Milanesta

During Omega, Andien and Azka Chanda Milanesta begin to work as their own teammate, oblivious to several of the problems of the rest of the group. Azka grows very protective of her, as shown in Maids.

In Revolution, Andien once again hangs around (and often teams up with) Azka during several occasions. She also uses him sometimes as a source of experience to discuss with, as the two have dealt with Team far longer than the others. In the "Present Day" segment of Striveshoot Omega, Striveshoot Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON, she said that part of the reason she brought Azka with her to visit Icha was to make Gagah jealous.

Ahmad Gagah Gattuso

Andien is aware that Gagah has a crush on her, and sometimes exploits that to get him to behave. However, she does see him as a good friend and valuable ally.

Andien was asked out to the swimming pool by Gagah, but turned him down.

Hamano Army

The trio idiot Army from Indonesian also called the Hamano Army, also have a crush on her when she and Ariq arrive to their town.


  • Andien, he is unlike Mari Nikaido shared voice and hairstyle is Twintail in Revolution, Normally Hairstyle in Magic Knight Generations and Omega instead is Bun Hairstyle.
  • In Andien's Striveshoot Anniversary song "Resolution", the person Andien addresses is most likely Azka, as he fits all of her descriptions. In the song, Andien acknowledges that he has been protecting her and has known her for very long, since their youth. She describes their relationship as "too cute to be called romance".
  • In Striveshoot Revolution, Andien is shown in some cutscenes with Azka during all of the characters' story modes including the extra characters stories.
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