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Amity Blight is a supporting character in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House. She is the love interest of Luz Noceda.

Love interest

In season 1 "I Was A Teenage Abomination", Amity and Luz meet in Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, where Luz is pretending to be Willow's abomination, causing Amity to lose her "top student" title and making her hate Luz. Since than they were not on friendly terms with each other, despite Luz trying to make amends. In "Convention", Luz challenges Amity to a witch's duel. After finding out her mentor, Lilith cheated, Amity storms off and Luz chases after her and shows her a shows her an alternative method of spell casting. In "Lost in Languages", Amity considers Luz a bully when she accidentally reads her diary. At the end, Luz gives her a book of Azura to make it up for her, Amity realizes she hasn't been so nice either and promises to think on her behavior. In "Adventures in the Elements", she and Luz become good friends, Amity is happy that she and Luz might be going to Hexside together. In "Understanding Willow" & "Wing it Like Witches" Amity blushes around Luz. In "Enchanting Grom Fright" Amity helps Luz defeat Grom, When Grom gets a hold of Amity, it shows that Amity's greatest fear is being rejected. Luz then offers to go to the dance with her since they are friends. They then defeat Grom through a series of spells while dancing. Afterward, Luz asks Amity about who she was about to ask, but Amity tells Luz that "it's not important". Though It was revealed that Amity was going to ask out Luz, meaning that Amity has a crush on her.

In season 2 "Escaping Expulsion", Amity stands up to her mother and save Luz from Abomination 2.0, which makes Luz blush. In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Luz realizes that Amity is interested in her, she feels the same way. At the end, Amity dyes her hair lavender and kisses Luz on the cheek, but than walks away, panicking while Luz stares in awe. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' On Hooty's Door", Luz and Amity confesses their feelings to each other and become an official couple.


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