Alice was a young secretary at Wayne Enterprises and love interest of Jervish Tetch AKA Mad Hatter.


Alice was assigned to neuroscientist Jervis Tetch, who grew a liking to her. While she thought of him well, she did not reciprocate, as she was in a relationship with a young man named Billy. When Billy broke up with her after a fight, Tetch made his move. He took her out on a date, and managed to impress her. After the date, which took them to the Beret Rouge Club and Storybook Land, she happily returned home. But at her house, Billy waited, who wanted to make amends. Billy proposes to her that night.

That changed the next morning. Just as Bruce Wayne was visiting, Billy called her to break up again (and unbeknownst to her, he was under mind control from Tetch). Upon returning home, she found Tetch had redecorated her house, and professed his love for her...

At that moment, Batman showed up. With the help of the Walrus and the Carpenter, Tetch made his getaway with Alice. Realizing she would not go with him willingly, he put her under mind control as well, and took her to Storybook Land. It did not last long before Batman arrived, who confronted the Mad Hatter with the fact that he did not have Alice, but rather a puppet. After Batman destroyed the mind control hat, Alice woke up. The first person she saw was Billy, who had been released first by Batman and helped him release other victims.


  • Mad As A Hatter
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