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Played by Sheree J. Wilson

Alexandra Cahill or Alex, is the Assistant District Attorney of Tarrant County and the love interest of Cordell Walker in the hit crime drama series, Walker: Texas Ranger. She was played by Sheree J. Wilson.

Alex also runs Help Our People Excel (H.O.P.E.), which is a group for battered women and holds a strong sense of justice, almost as equal as Walker's sense.

Though the two were polar opposites, socially and professionally, both Alex and Walker were good friends and eventually develop a mutual attraction to each other and begin dating. She ends up frequently kidnapped by various criminals throughout the series, the worst was Victor Larue, who attempted to rape her and made three appearances before he was finally killed by Walker.  

Despite her frequent kidnappings, she has taken self-defense classes and has been able to defeat some opponents.  She once defeated a man who attempted to rape her.  She beat up a member of the Sons of the Reich, a white supremicist group that admired Hitler, and fought against Lucifer's girlfriend and won.  She has even fought against the main villains of several episodes, delaying them from killing her or anyone else.  Often times, this would get her knocked out, beaten, or give her a chance of escape. 

The two get married in the season 7 finale Wedding Bells. In the final season she gives birth to a baby girl.

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