Alethea was the love interest to Diana in the story Wonder Woman: The True Amazon.


During Diana's formative years, Alethea was a humble stablehand. Diana grew up spoiled and used to be being fawned over by her fellow amazons, so when Alethea ignored her, she saw that as a challenge. Diana tried impressing Alethea either with her feats of bravery or by offering her gifts, to no avail.

Diana's obsession with Alethea grew into infatuation. Eventually, Alethea told Diana that she was not interested in anyone that she had so little in common with. Diana then started helping her tend to the horses, which slowly caused them to grow closer.

When the amazonian tournament came up, Diana saw this as an opportunity to impress Alethea again. She managed to come out first in several divisions, but was intimidated by how good everyone else was. During the chariot race, Diana resorted to unleashing several monsters on her rivals in an effort to make it to the finish line. This led to several deaths and injuries, with one of the fatalities being Alethea herself.

Having to face the consequences of her actions for the first time in her life, Diana was forced to wear Alethea's tournament garb and the tournament's prize tiara as reminders of her selfishness, along with being exiled from Themyscira until she could be forgiven. Now searching for penance, Diana would go on to become Wonder Woman and dedicate her life to protecting others.

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