Aggra was the shaman who had to train Thrall to be a better shaman so he could try and communicate with the elements during the elemental invasion before the Cataclysm struck Azeroth, following the return of Deathwing. Though furious at Thrall for "abandoning his people" for an alien homeworld, she warms up to him and after saving his fragmented soul from the four Elemental Planes, becomes his life-mate. Following the destruction of Deathwing, Alexstrasza, now mortal with the rest of the remaining Dragon Aspects, after saying that new generations will be born, puts her hand on Aggra's belly, implying she may be pregnant with Thrall's child.

Being an orc, Aggra is very muscular and as a shaman has powerful connections with the elements and helped Thrall and the Earthen Ring try and hold the rift created at the Maelstrom when Deathwing destroyed the World Pillar, and getting players to Deepholm to help repair the World Pillar.

In the Mists of Pandaria patch, Patch 5.1 Landfall, It's shown he had moved to the Den of Durotar to raise his son with Aggra, but ends up having to liberate the Darkspear Trolls from Garrosh's martial law. 

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