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Fifteen "15" Cent (voiced by Omarion) is a rapper and Penny Proud's love-interest in The Proud Family Movie.


Fifteen Cent is a parody of the real-life rapper, 50 Cent.


Fifteen was looking for "Spare Change" backup dancers for a halftime show at the Wizard Kelly Stadium. Penny Proud and her friends try to audition, but the dance intruder said that they're not in.

But Fifteen had an affection for Penny and said her and her friends are in. Then, he asks Penny if he can drive her home.

When they arrived the Penny's house, Penny explains Fifteen about his exploits in Dreamy Teen Magazine after assuming he wants a kiss on the first date and tells him to forget about.

But Fifteen insures her the stuff in those magazines are all made up. Realizes he's not really a player, she begins kissing him.

But then Oscar Proud, Penny's overprotective father, gets mad when he finds them kissing.

After Penny saved the stadium from the evil Dr. Carver clone, he let Penny and her friends take over the halftime show. Fifteen loves to call Penny "Ponytail."

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